Cheap Packed Wet Wipe Have a special blend for the Wet Wipes Factory  were prepared.

Get wet our wet wipes the delicate skin of babies and the appropriate use them. 

Competitive prices  Wet Wipes Factory  

Baby's skin is more sensitive than human skin. Our Wet Wipes Factory are specially prepared Baby Wipes.

All of our Wet Wipes Factory are non-alcoholic.

Our wet wipes material does not contain alcohol.

Our wet wipes are without alcohol

Our wet wipes material does not contain paraben.

You can even use in newborns.

Our custom designed baby wipes, especially for infants and young children contain preservatives may come into contact with skin.

Our baby wet wipes safely used in newborn babies, infant, baby and primary schools.

Parents carry baby wipes in their diaper bags and use them for diaper changes and emergency cleanups.

Towels Wet Wipe the inside handkerchief size 14x18 cm. 35 g / m2.


Towels Wet Wipes 60 Pcs Wet wipes, 72 Pcs Wet wipes, 80 Pcs Wet wipes, 100 Pcs Wet wipes, and 100 pcs in package


Towels Wet Wipes are 24 packets 1 colis.

Towels Wet Wipes are one parcel of 24 pack wipes.

At least 10 Colis our sales.

Towels Wet Wipes Brand: Baby Rose, Elfida, Elfida baby, Mendy, Ulusal,

Towels Wet Wipes smell the roses smell


Packed colored logo is printed on the label of the on-off wipes.

Wholesale sanitary wipes. You can get ready as our label.

Promotional Soft pocket handkerchief Package 60 - 72 - 80- 90-100 - 120 - 144 + is in the Bag package. Adjusted according to the desired number.

Total in wet towels Tissue boxes: There are 2 400 hygiene wet towels. Economical size.

the outer surface of our wet towels Mendia 1 class coated paper, kraft paper is the ear or triplex foil paper.

Wet towel wipes core (25 - 50 g) is made from non-woven interlining or towels.

Depending on your Wet Wipes Factory  request rose scent, lavender, tulips, Dowe, such as the popular perfume is made.

Optional perfume oil may be prepared or impregnated with eau de cologne.

The inside of the wet towels made of nonwoven fabric (Nonwoven Fabrics)

Wet Towel external Material: Made of Metal Coated Paper. (White / Silver)

Interior Material: Tela, Towels


Open the lid off our wet towel is produced and capacity.

Wholesale baby wipes Our production is being produced in a hygienic environment are rigorously certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Our very demanding baby wipes do not contain harmful substances are water-based, not alcohol based. Never does not irritate the baby.

The lid is held in the direction you are seeing through the wet wipes to protect the cover.

Use in accordance with the hands or wipe to clean the bottom of the baby, the way that will not harm the sensitive skin.

Multi-packed wet wipes Our price is very appropriate style is that anyone can get.

Many adults stock so-called ‘flushable’ wipes in their bathrooms for better cleaning than what they get with ordinary toilet paper.

Hospital staff and classroom teachers frequently wipe down surfaces with antibacterial wipes. Travelers stock their bags with wipes for emergency hand cleaning

Important: Please put in the trash after use the all wet wipes. Do not throw in the toilet.

Wet wipes are now resolved in nature.

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It is made with the permission of the ministry of health

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