Çankırı, a small town in Turkey, is home to a centuries-old tradition of carpet-weaving. The town's inhabitants are mostly of Kurdish origin, and the carpets they weave are known for their intricate designs and bright colors. In recent years, the Turkish government has been investing in the development of Çankırı, in an effort to boost the town's economy. One of the projects that has been undertaken is the construction of a large artificial lake, which will be used for irrigation and recreation. The Çankırı Havuz Project is a joint venture between the Turkish government and a private company. The project is currently in its initial stages, and the Turkish government has appointed a team of consultants to oversee its development. The Çankırı Havuz Project is an important step in the development of Çankırı, and will have a positive impact on the town's economy. The project will create new jobs, and will also provide a much-needed source of water for the town's residents.